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Why dose Onsted Farm need to raise money ?
The farm is in the midst of a campaign to pay for repairs and enhancements to the farm and wild life habitat . The elimination of state and federal support , lower then expected returns on the farm have meant cuts and deferred maintenance for the farm over the past few years. We need to make urgent repairs and enhance feeding programs .

How can I help ?

The past year we have been seeking support. We are working to meet our goal and are now in the most difficult part of the campaign. In order to continue with the work we've started, we need help of people to step forward with a generous contribution. While gifts in any amount will help, Please consider a gift of $50, $100 or even more if you can.

Help with more wood bird feeders and blue bird houses is needed. All money raised will be used for maintaining the habitat and farm improvements.

I'm asking for you to help in this valuable habitat program through your donating. You don't have to give a lot $10 would help. If you can afford $20 or $30 it would be greatly appreciated.
Or please send cash or a check (payable to Charles Buchte)
Charles Buchte
11300 US12
Brooklyn MI 49230