Onsted Farm and Garden Habitat

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Welcome to Onsted Farm and Garden. We are a small farm and wildlife habitat with free range Chickens, Turkeys Dorper and Katahdin Sheep we put in 1-2 acre of habitat for wildlife and birds a year.

We are in need of help paying feed and utility bills during the winter. Help is needed for filling outdoor Bird feeders and maintaining the habitat. Help with more wood bird feeders and blue bird houses is needed. All money raised will be used for maintaining the habitat and farm improvements. I'm asking for you to help in this valuable habitat program through your donating. You don't have to give a lot - $10 would help. If you can afford $20 or $30 it would be greatly appreciated.

I am Out of work now will have to cut back. May have to eat the Chickens and Turkeys.

Charles Buchte
I hope you enjoy your stay here. Rural Route Videos (I have some of them and they are vary good. .For the kid's too)

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