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"Help a Habitat"

Why does Habitat need our Help?

What is a habitat?
A habitat is a place containing all the essential compound's survival needs. This includes food, shelter, water, and adequate space. Alteration of any of these resources may result in a reduction in population or the complete elimination of organisms who cannot adapt to the change.

Habitats are varied, and range in size depending on the nets that meet an organized of the organism - some plants and animals stay in a small area their entire life, while others may require hundreds of acres or more.

In addition, many animals move around throughout their life, alternating between two or more ecosystem for their food, shelter, water, and space. For example, Some amphibians lay eggs in water, but live on land next to the wetland as adults. A loss of the wetland or the upland area will eliminate those species.

Another example are the many birds that require one type of eco-system for nesting, another for getting food, a third for winter, and perhaps a fourth as "rest stops" along their migration routes during the spring and fall.

In order for these animals to survive, we must first understand their habitat needs, then work to protect all the ecosystem they use as a part of their habitat.

What are examples of how to help a habitat?
Michigan has lost much of its original natural habitat, but people all across the state, young and old, are working hard to bring back some "wildness" to the land:

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